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Sustainability Risk Advisor or Environmental Management

Category: Asset Management Development Studies Econometrics Environmental Management Natural Resource Management
Location: Delft Remote
Country: Netherlands
Education: Master Phd
Working Experience: Expert 10-15 years
Proven Experience: Senior 7 - 10 years
Salary: 3600-5500

Social Scientist or Sociology


We are looking for a candidate with experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) related to the valuation of ecosystems. Ecosystem valuation is an economic process of assigning monetary value to the human welfare benefits of, for example seagrass forests to reduce flooding and erosion while sequestering carbon and providing habitat for endangered species (fish, etc), and absorbing harmful chemicals. The value and benefit of quality and functioning of water in ponds, lagoons, etc. The value and functioning of other natural resources such as wetlands, grasslands, rainforest, etc. This monetization process will ideally provide a tool for policy-makers, conservationists, etc to evaluate management impacts and compare a cost-benefit analysis of potential legislature, policy, decision-making, management, implementation strategies, sustainability plans, etc.

The candidate must be able to make valuation estimates based on site visits, reports, images, maps and other forms of data. This process involves inherent quantitative uncertainties. The valuation estimates of the ecological systems will be developed from economic models using various economic methodologies that captures the range of benefits and costs contained within a complicated natural web of a range of issues that can be grouped in four general categories of services: provisioning, regulatory, supporting, and cultural.

The candidate must also be able to engage in philosophical debates and reporting with governments, law-makers, stakeholders and the public regarding the evaluating process of the range non-market costs and benefits. Must be acquainted with and comfortable with Dutch Caribbean culture, history and political environment.


Phd, Master’s degree in Asset Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Management, Development Studies or related field;

– Adequate knowledge of employing GIS, remote sensing tools and data, etc.

– Employing GIS, remote sensing, tools such QGIS;

– Knowledge of Python, R(studio), Power BI, Excel, SQL ;

– Good English (and Dutch) communication skills, both written and verbal;

– Ability to work independently and in a team;

– Valid working permit in the Netherlands & Caribbean;

– Self sufficient, proactive, curious and a problem solver;

– Strong interpersonal and good communication skills with the ability to work effectively;

– Insightful, accurate, perceptive, etc.;

– Creative and resilient mindset.


– Develop economic valuation models and strategies for biodiversity, ecosystems, etc;

– Develop policy, management impacts models, cost-benefit analysis, implementation strategies, sustainability plans, etc;

– Mapping relationships of animals, plants, seasons, etc.

– Reporting;

– Site visits abroad (Caribbean);

– Exposure to the complete project life cycle from concept to execution.


A CV is a word or pdf document containing your past and current working experience. Your CV must be 4 A4 pages maximum, must contain your past and current employers, begin and end date(s) (months and years) of employment, number of hours per week and the contact information of  the employer(s).


This is a MS Word or pdf document containing a description of prior working experience, begin and end date and the contact information of the employer(s). 

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