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Environmental Economist

Category: Econometrics Environmental Economy Environmental Management Natural Asset Management Natural Resource Management
Location: Delft Remote
Country: Netherlands
Education: Bachelor Master Phd
Working Experience: Medior 5+ years
Proven Experience: Medior 3+ years
Salary: 3600-5500
Hours per week: 36

Environmental Economist


We are looking for a candidate with experience in environmental economy related to the valuation of ecosystems. The candidate must understand the complex interactions between economic decisions, market forces, governmental policies and the environment. You must also be able to think comprehensively about problems (effects of coral bleaching, soil nutrient depletion, depletion of wetlands, seagrass and forests, etc.) involving multiple challenges related to environmental policies, such as inequalities, unemployment, economic and human development, urban organisation, and many others. You must also be able to analyze and optimize the allocation of natural resources, understand and explore solutions to achieve sustainable development, mitigate environmental challenges and delve into the economics of climate change.

The candidate must also be able to engage in philosophical debates and reporting with governments, law-makers, stakeholders and the public regarding value of ecosystem services, such as clean water, biodiversity, and natural landscapes, enabling you to support conservation efforts and advocate for informed environmental policies. Must be acquainted with and comfortable with Dutch Caribbean culture, history and political environment.


Phd, Master’s degree in Asset Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Management, Development Studies or related field;

– Valuation Methods & Toolkits: Averting behaviour methods, Travel Cost Method, Hedonic Pricing Method (HPM), Contingent Valuation Method (CVM);

– Adequate knowledge of employing GIS, remote sensing tools and data, etc.;

– Employing GIS, remote sensing, tools such QGIS;

– Knowledge of Python, R(studio), Power BI, Excel, SQL ;

– Good English (and Dutch) communication skills, both written and verbal;

– Ability to work independently and in a team;

– Valid working permit in the Netherlands & Caribbean;

– Self sufficient, proactive, curious and a problem solver;

– Strong interpersonal and good communication skills with the ability to work effectively;

– Insightful, accurate, perceptive, etc.;

– Creative and resilient mindset.


– Optimization of ecosystem management;

– Quantitative assessment of ecosystem change;

– Selection of relevant drivers and processes

– Develop economic valuation models and strategies for biodiversity, ecosystems, etc;

– Develop policy, management impacts models, cost-benefit analysis, implementation strategies, sustainability plans, etc;

– Mapping relationships of animals, plants, seasons, etc.

– Reporting;

– Site visits abroad (Caribbean);

– Exposure to the complete project life cycle from concept to execution.


A CV is a word or pdf document containing your past and current working experience. Your CV must be 4 A4 pages maximum, must contain your past and current employers, begin and end date(s) (months and years) of employment, number of hours per week and the contact information of  the employer(s).


This is a MS Word or pdf document containing a description of prior working experience, begin and end date and the contact information of the employer(s). 

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