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Nature Based Solutions Description: In our commitment to deliver nature-based solutions for sustainable resilient environmental management and conservation we are looking for a candidate with experience in developing and implementing solutions that are supported by nature, promote resilience, while achieving and producing societal, environmental, and economic benefits. Hence, nature-based
Natural Capital Assessment Description: An exciting opportunity for an experienced candidate who can execute ecological surveys and assessments, as well as the provide advice related to soil, land use, hydrological issues, ecosystem service, natural capital assessment, biodiversity strategies, etc. The candidate must understand and be able to apply approaches
Environmental Economist Description: We are looking for a candidate with experience in environmental economy related to the valuation of ecosystems. The candidate must understand the complex interactions between economic decisions, market forces, governmental policies and the environment. You must also be able to think comprehensively about problems (effects of
Social Scientist or Sociology Discription: We are looking for a candidate with experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) related to the valuation of ecosystems. Ecosystem valuation is an economic process of assigning monetary value to the human welfare benefits of, for example seagrass forests to reduce flooding and
Social Scientist or Sociology Discription: We are looking for a candidate with experience in stakeholder engagement and facilitation in information specifically to inform the public, stakeholders, government, etc on environmental resource management (water quality, biodiversity, ecosystems, habitats, etc) related to developing  economic biodiversity‐focused legislature, policy, decision-making & management. Candidate
Hydraulic or Environmental Engineer Discription: We are looking for (a) candidate(s) to join our disaster risk management department. You will be part of a team of experienced engineers working on projects related to climate change, flood risk management, disaster risk management, etc. You will be involved in providing advice
Insurance Analyst Discription: We are looking for an intern (beginner, Master, Bachelor) in the fields of building architecture, building planning, building management, construction educator or any other field (Finance, Data Science, etc.) that is oriented towards building insurance, who will be responsible for the studying, comparing, analyzing and reporting
Civil or Structural Engineer Discription: We are looking for graduates to join our civil structural and architectural department. You will be mentored by one of our senior engineers and you will perform a variety of assignments through the application of basic structural engineering theories. We will help you solidify
Geo Data Scientist Discription: Experience with LiDAR and 3D laser data processing techniques. You should have a strong analytical, mathematical (3D geometry, numerical methods, algorithms) and coding skills, with the ability to work in a team in a high-tech start-up environment. Your main responsibility will be designing, developing and/or
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