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Wladimir Kruythoff

Wladimir Kruythoff

Founder & CEO Infinite Observations

Infinite Observations ZineQx Natural Disaster Risk Management Suite

ZineQx Natural Disaster Risk Management Suite

Over the pass Infinite Observations has speared no effort to develop the most understanding real-time monitoring environment for natural disaster management. The Infinite Observations ZineQx platform is a robust environment for real-time monitoring of large and small scale weather phenomenon.  ZineQx  by Infinite Observations is a platform or suite consists of four products, namely: (1) Simulation & Visualization environment, (2) Geospatial Visualization environment, (3) Data Collection Environment and an (4) Engineering environment.   

fig.1 Simulation & Visualization Environment

fig.2 Geospatial Visualization Environment

fig.3 Data Collection Environment

fig.4 Engineering Environment

Buildings damage associated with hurricane winds and streets flooded due to storm surge (interactive map).

Multi-Level Multi-Purpose Data Collection

With any software package data must be ingested and manipulated. So we begin with the third option Infinite Observations Data Collection Environment. With Infinite Observations Data Collection Environment we can carry out household surveys as well as data collection services on district, local, nations or global scales, thus multi-level data collection. Apart from that our data collection services cover almost every industry, from from Government and semi-Governmental agencies & institutions, semi and other Public sector organizations, Energy and Utility  sectors, Vehicular, Marine and Airline Traffic Industries, Social Services, Healthcare industry, Retail, Services & Consumer Products,  Land-use Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, Weather, Climate Change, Meteorological Industries.

fig.5 Data Collection Environment

Real-Time Weather Forecasting And Storm Monitoring

The Simulation & Visualization Environment is the core of the ZineQx digital infrastructure. Realtime large scale weather data is used the monitor situations across the globe. From colour coded interactive maps related the temperature, humidity, precipitation (snow, rain, etc.), wind velocity, ocean wave height, etc. then their are large scale  Wide View GeoColor, Visible, InfraRed (IR), ShortWave maps.  These resources and more are used to track, i.e. hurricanes in realtime. In 2017 hurricane Irma impacted Sint Maarten as well as many other Caribbean Islands.  

fig.6 Color coded large scale real-time weather forecasting

fig.7 InfraRed (IR)  large scale real-time weather forecasting

fig.8 Hurricane Irma 2017 using InfraRed (IR)  large scale real-time hurricane tracking

fig.9 Hurricane Irma (2017) track with pop-up information along path and at way-points

fig.10 Hurricane Irma (2017) tracking with wide scale real-time tracking and clour coded referencing for hurricane/storm intensity.

fig.11 Tracking and monitoring the impact of hurricane Irma (2017) on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten

fig.12 Real-time monitoring the development of hurricane Irma (2017) from left to right: (1) development of central pressure and horizontale wind velocity and surface level along the path, (2) development of central pressure and horizontale wind velocity and surface level across the storm from Northwest to Southeast and (3) from Northeast to Southwest as well as (4) a digital representation of horizontal wind velocity of the storm in question.

fig.13 The various regions of the island effected the horizontal hurricane wind velocity at surface level. 

fig.14 The blue coloured region has been selected (left chart)  and the horizontal hurricane wind velocity at surface level can be seen (right chart) 

Storm Impact Assessment

fig.15 Impact wind velocity

fig.16 Flooding as a result of storm surge

Hurricane impact is a combination of wind velocity, storm surge, precipitation, etc. In the figure on the left we see the wind impact on different regions and on the right we flooding as a result of storm surge depicted by the yellow to orange scale.

fig.17 Flooding in orange and yellow tones and flooded homes in blue and white tones

Usually we concentrate on the hurricane wind velocity when dealing with storm impact on a region. However, the number one cause lose of life, crop and other agricultural loses, infrastructural damage, etc. is flodding as a result of storm surge. ZineQx by Infinite Observations take storm surge into account by using a coupled hurricane wind-storm surge model to simulate the flooding of a region effected by a storm. The storm surge height depends on the intensity or category of the storm among many other factors. 

fig.18 Debris from hurricane impact and surge surge effect on the main road traffic circulation

fig.19 Combination of building damage (in yellow to red tones) and effected traffic circulation (in purple to white tones).

During, in the immediate aftermath and in the longterm following the impact of a storm information on state of the road and streets and traffic circulation is vital for emergency and recovery operations as well as humanitarian aid reaching the effected communities. Infinite Observations ZineQx platform helps visualize this  vital information for disaster management teams and stakeholders. 

District, Street And Household Level Wind, Flood, Economic, etc. Damage Assessments

fig.20 Buildings by level of wind damage (from yellow to deep purple)

fig.21 Damaged buildings sorted by streetname

fig.22 Buildings colour coded (from orange to deep purple) by level of economic damage related to hurricane wind damage, flooding, lose of income or revenue, business disruption, contents damage and damages due to flooding (left). Buildings can be sorted by the level of economic damage (right).

fig.23 Flooded homes sorted by streetname

fig.24 Homes sorted by level of economic damage and by streetname

fig.25 ZineQx by Infinite Observations not only offers the visualization of vital information related to natural disaster damage but also interactive diagrams, maps and tables of data by object type, district or region.

fig.26 Interactive map and table of damages buildings and economic losses by region 

fig.27 Table of overall economic losses

Thus with Infinite Observations ZineQx Natural Disaster Risk Management Suite decision makers within institutions can harness the power of real-time data analyses.  Organizational success depends upon timely, full access to data. For more information contact us at Infinite Observations.

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