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Infinite Observations, facilitating digital & online solutions for every industry.

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Websites & online portfolio’s to increase your business presence and connect with potential clients.

Multiple platforms, payment gateways, enhanced user experience, real-time features.

Promote your business using time-sensitive personalized content scheduling for marketing campaigns.

Implement a multi dimensional platform to manage the effects of Climate Change and other natural disasters   

All the necessary tools at our disposal to quantify and give insight to state of assets from local to global scales

To aid in disaster relief we also preform multi discipline research and analyses ranging from civil to environmental 

Business & Organization

Online portfolios are not just for certain fields or industries anymore. Having a professional online presence is more important than ever, and an online portfolio will certainly increase your visibility and presence as well as demonstrate your company’s ability to grow. At Infinite Observations we help our customers create sophisticated portfolio websites that allows them to share and showcase their business or professional successes easily with potential employers, clients and partners. Infinite Observations values content marketing not as an “optional extra”…it’s an essential aspect that has been developed for modern online marketing strategies that embraces creativity to draw in a client. We help our comstumers leverage their content and generate free, organic leads while simultaneously building your brand’s value and authority. Here are some of the many beneits of how online portfolios can help develop your future:

  • Professional Compelling Narrative Showcasing Your Work;
  • Generates Credibility And Business Leads;
  • A Outstanding First Impression For Potential Employers;
  • Helps Potential Clients Visualize Working With You;
  • Increase Online Visibility And Presence;
  • An Online Portfolio Of Outstanding Achievements Is More Than Just A Resume;
  • Demonstrates Consistency And Flexibility;
  • Sets Your Business Apart By Expressing Your Creativity Especially In An Online Version;
  • Provides A Strong Supplement To A Meeting In Person And Verbal Skills.

Professional portfolios are a fantastic opportunity to tell a potential clients how what you did worked, as well as highlight how you would tackle future projects and challenges, knowing what you know now even if you did not remembering every detail of those accomplishments during a personal interview.

Professional Compelling Narrative

Outstanding opportunity to tell a potential clients past and current projects, as well as highlight how you would tackle future projects

Consistency, Creativity And Flexibility

Show your personality by choosing design and constantly create new content, videos, text and images

Supplementary To Personal Skills

The visual impact will do more for clients than just your explanation and expand a Q&A into a discussion during interview

Design Resources

Development Resources


With an e-commerce website, the whole world becomes your playing field. Having a physical store limits you to a particular geographical area that you can service. However, the advent of m-commerce, which is e-commerce on mobile devices, has removed every remaining boundary and  limitation of geography, thus making the entire world your playing field. This is especially useful for businesses in remote locations or even residents and populations that are regularly effected by natural disaster (as a result of Climate Change).  Online retail is not only driven by  branding and relationships but search engines optimization (SEO). SEO is a very powerful method to expand your business online visibility. Lowered cost is another tangible advantage for those who embrace e-commerce. Your clients will also be on the receiving end and to share in these lowered costs which can be passed on in the form of discounted prices. But there is more. The automation of checkout, payments, billing, inventory management, and other operational processes reduces the number of employees required to run an online store, which further lowers the overall costs. E-commerce eliminates travel time and other costs while facilitating comparison shopping. So, with the physical equivalents to deals, bargains, coupons are greater online. Ofcourse there are many more advantage of e-commerce but most importantly online stores and services are open 24/7/365. Infinite Observations can provide you with tailor-made applications to meet your business demands and those of your target groups.

Custom Design

Enhances userexperience, increases customer’s reach, improves client’s mobility and so much more

Payment gateways

Many businesses still have no idea that mobile payment  integration can be the simplest solution for contemporary payments methods while increasing revenue.

Push notifications

Push notifications can help you to attract more consumers. They can help your business send real-time updates and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand even if they’re not aware of it.

Multiple Platforms

The concept of cross-platform mobile app development allows your business to target a huge audience who could be using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others.

Optimal UI Design

User interface design (UI) is directly associated with user experience (UX). E-commerce is propelled by a good user interface and ensures that a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and evolving environment.

Real-time features

Real-time apps engage more users as it mimics the behavior of the real world.

Generating Business Leads

An online portfolio or website is the primary source of digital lead generation. When it comes to lead generation, typically your business is trying to capture a prospective client’s contact information that will aid your marketing campaigns. Promote time-sensitive and special events by scheduling and sending bulk personalize marketing campaigns to your clients. Communicate your business’s most important or time-sensitive messages directly to your customers’ phones. Set up transnational communication for order confirmations, shipping updates, and use more marketing automation strategies. Personalize push notifications, regularly share optimized high-quality content informative content using segmentation and dynamically add individual contact client information. Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns with key engagement metrics to know what works and what you can improve. Identify problems in real time for transnational notifications using real-time reporting and engagement statistics. Establish healthy relationships with your clients and build more leads by solving common customer problems expeditiously.


"Establishing Healthy Relationships With Our Clients And Build Trust"


A Few Third Party Integrations We Use To Increase Leads And Improve Your Service

Climate Change

Climate change is undoubtedly the greatest threat humanity is facing. Degradation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems as a result of increase frequency, duration and intensity of droughts, wild fires and hydro-meteorological disasters that are invariably associated with local urbanisation, global industrialisation, anthropogenic emissions and ultimately global warming and climate change. To mitigate the risk and vulnerability associated with the effects of climate change and global warming governments, institutions and industries must embrace (international) climate policy as highlighted by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The developement of these policies requires long-term planning and scenarios-based modelling that take the human and environmental inertia into account. Ultimately goal is resilience, which can be obtained through adaption and by limiting future warming and reducing emissions. Infinite Observations makes use of an integrated assessment framework to analyse the socio-economic effects of climate change induced and natural hazards in situations where outcomes are uncertain. In our assessments models we coupled various datasets such as climate, atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases, variation in sea surface temperatures (SST’s) as a result of El Nino & La Nina (ENSO), Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), Teleconnections, population, socio-economic, infrastructural and much more datasets.

Freezing Temperatures

Historic deadly wildfires, powerful destructive hurricanes, record highs droughts, cold weather and blizzards are a direct result of climate change.

Sea Level Rise

As the oceans warm due to an increasing global temperature causing a rise in water level. The melting of ice over land, which then adds water to the ocean.

Human Migration

The greatest single impact of climate change with millions of people displaced by shoreline erosion, coastal flooding and agricultural disruption.

Geo ICT & Data Science

The use of large GIS datasets are key to understanding the natural environment on a global scale. Infinite Observations harnesses the power GIS, data science, advance analytics and machine learning to predict natural and man-made disasters, inundation uncertainty, weather and climate change worldwide. We also use (stereo) satellite, aerial imagery and Lidar systems along with 3D terrain modelling, for urban planning, agricultural, ecological, other land use porposes and damage assessments. We have the expertise to produce accurate land and marine (bathymetric) elevation data necessary for any project. High resolution digital maps enables operation managers, project planners, logistics managers and conventional surveyors to execute realtime field operations in a virual environment, ensuring that the best access is provided to meet the designated project objectives. We also provide database management for projects. Aquiring remote sensing data from perpetual worldwide exploration and resource mapping operations is made friendly with our user-interface.


There is a wide range of applications for which geo-coding can be used. From spatially displaying address locations to recognizing patterns within the information to distributing and streamlining humanitarian relief efforts prior to or after a catastrophic event.

Data Science & Advance Analytics

Implementing data science & analytics technology to make more contributions to help accelerate decision making in response to severe catastrophes, both natural (including climate-related extreme events) and man-made, by providing the correct timely solutions.

Data Governance

Data governance is crucial when it comes to managing, maintaining and using sensitive information of hundreds of thousands or even millions of clients and assets.  But also the collection of practices, processes, policies which help to ensure the formal management of data assets for equipment as well as the implementation requires defining  roles, applications and governance structures.  

Remote Sensing

For the management of natural disasters large amounts of spatial and temporal data is required. Drone, aircraft, satellite and other remote sensing technology offer information over large areas, and at short time intervals and are the ideal assets for disaster management. They can be utilized in the various phases of disaster management, from warning and monitoring to  prevention, preparedness, relief and reconstruction.

Integrated Risk Governance

Key research involving case studies and comparative analyses to  outline the challenges of ever increasing (natural and man-made) disasters and to establish risk governance models and implementation strategies with the focus on large-scale disasters that exceed capacities of a nation. Developing and refining analyses, monitoring and modeling tools, including research of the dynamic processes of disaster risk management. Fostering integrated disaster risk science that meets the challenges of sustainable development.

Computer Vision

This is a relatively new research field that ranges from information technology to surveillance systems. Employing this technology for the development of systems using  remote sensing geographic information systems (GIS) for pattern recognition techniques for forecasting, natural disaster prevention, damage assessment, wildfires detection, water level detection, flood prevention, coastal zone monitoring, and landslide detection, hurricane development, etc. has become common practice. 

Science, Engineering, Research & Innovation

Civil, design, environmental and structural engineering works, which include buildings and infrastructure, are the carriers of human civilization. Disaster prevention, mitigation and non-sustainable uncontrolled rampant development  can in part be attributed to improper selection of construction materials,  defects or inadequacies in design and construction, occupancy, maintenance, assessments, construction site and land use. From this perspective, many  occurrences triggered by natural forces escalate into natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricane winds, floods, landslides, and debris flows are substantially due to scientific and engineering defects rather than the actual natural hazards itself. Although modern science has cannot impede extreme catastrophic events, measures can be employed to prevent and or mitigate the severity of their consequences. Three dominant factors predispose a system to disaster damage: (1) the magnitude or intensity of the natural phenomenon, (2) the economic wealth (or infrastructure) and human capacity accumulated in a region exposed to the natural hazard and (3) (structural and/or non-structural) adaptation and mitigation measures or vulnerability (fragility), resistance and/or robustness towards the impact of natural disaster. Furthermore, large natural disasters are primarily a problem of development, but fundamentally not a problem for sustainable development. At Infinite Observations we assists our clients (consumers, enterprises or governments) through project management with infrastructural disaster prevention and mitigation policies, from residing or operating in risk prone zones, coastline, waterfronts and flood plains, or the implementation of (non-prohibitively expensive) building codes, land-use planning, other regulatory instruments and/or directly influence the design quality of the infrastructural development (roads, ports or harbors, airports, hospitals, power lines etc.) in order to minimize damage in the event of a natural hazard while increasing the resilience of the infrastructure.

ZineQx - Infinite Observations

Concerns of private citizen, businesses and organizations are increasing over the far reaching impact of economic losses, human health, food security, etc. due to natural and man-made disasters ( including climate change). ZineQx offers individuals, businesses and their insurers the efficiency to stay ahead of these global dynamics in order to manage their exposure to extreme catastrophes. Infinite Observations’s ZineQx is a risk-based asset management information system that uses failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analyses (FMECA). FMECA has a bottom-up (Detailed) or top-down (Functional) approach to risk analysis and assessments.

Some of ZineQx many features ...

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Buildings damage associated with hurricane winds and streets flooded due to storm surge.

How are we different


Infinite Observations is organized with the focus on obtaining results for our clients. We know what is necessary to get e-Commerce, GeoData, Data Analysis & Data Science, Machine Learning embedded into a business with the aim for it to become resilient in times of crises and natural and man-made catastrophes. We will not get bogged down or bog you down with strategic powerpoint decks that end up in the recycling bin.


We are interested in providing our clients with practical applications with a high business value by translating theoretical, scientific & technological vagueness  into a business concept that works for you.


Hiring a good personnel  is difficult. Many companies do not want to be out-competed by the market, want to innovate and want to be data driven. Infinite Observations facilitate  costumers by providing them with a team of specialists, data analysts, data scientist, designers, developers and engineers. Through our activities, we also have access to some of the best in the business with proven track records in building and managing data teams and delivering projects.


Our goal at Infinite Observations is to develop sophisticated business application or website for the client using the next gen technologies or the technology that the client requires. We meticulously spend time to define the scope, which is in essence a directive throughout the project, of each of our software development projects, whether it is a software application development project, web development project or a  product development project, so that we can set clear (accountability or break) milestones and checkpoints for a project to account time for high priority or unplanned tasks, if there are any. So that Infinite Observations can commit to realistic timelines for project goals.


Transparency is a term used to show sincerity, predictability and oneness. Secrecy leads to  vagueness, client dissatisfaction and in turn  complications in the near future. For Infinite Observations being a transparent business and transparent in it’s business processes plays a significant role in determining our  partnerships and business relationships. Furthermore our clients are reassured by our experience and expertise we offer as a service provider, the commitment of our teams to the projects of our clients, the authenticity, timeline, reach and contract of your business, well-thought-out risks and issue-tackling strategies we have in place. As well as our discretion, privacy and data safety. Alongside this, Infinite Observations to adhere to guidelines and regulations that establish transparency as a standard (such as agile methodologies, status reporting, tracking tools, project or customer portal, process audits, proactive project monitors, infrastructure for security and data protection).


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is very paramount. Our suite of sophisticated cloud and web business applications, including development methodology (i.e. waterfall, agile, or DevOps) and consultancy services ensures that Infinite Observations is able to assist our clients from product/project inception through development, implementation, version control and maintenance, through a process or processes of continuous integration (CI). Thus  ALM, including project management, governance, requirements management, development, testing and quality assurance (QA) as well as customer feedback, support and IT service delivery.  But, ofcourse software applications and consultancy ultimately has physical or real life implications. This is why Infinite Observation strives for Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) solutions or broadbase applications, services and strategies that has greater end-user client satisfaction.

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