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Catastrophe Risk Modelling

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Defining Catastrophe Modelling

For entire nations, government, enterprise, businesses and home owners to be able to become more resilient with respect to natural and man-made disasters it is necessary to employ scientifically and technologically advance data driven solutions to model the effects of Climate Change and other weather and man-made events.

Catastrophe modelling also allows insurers, re-insurers, financial institutions, government & public agencies to determine to long before the onset of an extreme event the type of hazard, the exposure and vulnerability. Thus the level of risk can be evaluated in advance for perils such as climate change, sea level rise, hurricanes, floods, droughts, wild fires, extreme cold spells, etc. But also during and in the immediate aftermath and in the long term for evacuation, humanitarian aid, logistics, mobility, etc.

Accurate Data Driven Models

Never before in human history as humanity been at tipping point of our own extinction due to our actions. Only by being able to predict the severity, to geographic location and the economic losses of current and future catastrophe we would then be able to take counter measures and correct our actions by, preparing, adapting, mitigating, thus becoming more resilient.

It would be inadequate to make future projections using sparse historic data alone. However, with new and emerging technologies and accurate holistic data as well as granular data we can develop high quality stochastic as well as probabilistic models that are vital for natural and human induce catastrophe modelling ranging from environmental damage, social impacts, agriculture, organizations investment risks and operational risks, interruption of business, breakdowns in production, etc.  

Disaster Risk

In in the concept of disaster risk the emphasis is on probable consequences, not the probability or likelihood of an catastrophic event taking place. Thus, the risk refers to the conceivable losses an extreme occurrence would cause in terms of lives, health conditions, livelihoods and goods and services, and what impact that could have in any given nation, region, community or society for a specific time frame. Assessment, analyses, adaptation, mitigation, reduction of risks and the subsequent damages and losses and strengthening those or that which have been impacted are common practices and/or strategies  in risk management.

ZineQx - Infinite Observations

Concerns of private citizen, businesses and organizations are increasing over the far reaching impact of economic losses, human health, food security, etc. due to natural and man-made disasters ( including climate change). ZineQx offers individuals, businesses and their insurers the efficiency to stay ahead of these global dynamics in order to manage their exposure to extreme catastrophes. Infinite Observations’s ZineQx is a risk-based asset management information system that uses failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analyses (FMECA). FMECA has a bottom-up (Detailed) or top-down (Functional) approach to risk analysis and assessments.

Some of ZineQx many features ...

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Setting A High Standard In

Catastrophe Risk Modelling


At Infinite Observations we have a teams of diverse groups of people with the passion, knowledge and expertise to model catastrophes and help our clients to minimise their exposure to current and future hazards.


Developing comprehensive models, calibrating them using the most recent extreme events and cooperate with leading institutions in the research & scientific community helps us to stay at the leading edge of disaster preparedness.


Harnessing the power, capacity, flexibility of the latest technology in Cloud-computing help us to leverage artificial intelligence to preform extensive and robust data analyses on our models using large data sets.


Providing key world-class data analytics solutions for diverse industries where we are able to assess, model and manage exposures, vulnerability, risks of nations, regions, communities and assets for our clients. 

Adapt, Mitigate & Become More Resilient To Disaster

Infinite Observations

Adapt, Mitigate & Become More Resilient To Disaster